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This FAQ intends to summarize common questions and best answers. Please read all the message and if you still can't find your answer, use the search tool before posting !


Is ARLiberator (ARL) compatible with other Pioneer models than the SPH-DA100?
    At present, the AppRadio 2 is the only Pioneer device using Android AND AppRadio 2 integration. It's quite different from Advance AppRadio, which is mainly used with iPhones and iPods.

What are the minimum requirements for running ARL?
    Before using ARL, testing with the official Pioneer application is a good way to detect incompatibility. This should always be done before purchase of ARL!
    • You need HDMI or MHL output capability to connect to the rear HU via its HDMI port. You need Bluetooth for managing the phonebook, phone calls, and sending GPS coordinates and touchscreen events.
    • You also need root access to be able to inject remote touchscreen events to the Android OS.
    • Finally, you need an Android 4.X device. Both phones and Android sticks may work if the above requirements are met
      (Note: Nothing is guaranteed complete compatibility due to variations in hardware and software that are near impossible to account for). In addition, for an Android stick you may need to select the invert X/Y parameters in ARL options for touchscreen to work correctly.

How can I root my phone?
    ARL does not provide a rooting method, but root access is required. Some dedicated forums are specialized in such operations, such as XDA Forums. Always look there first to learn about the process before asking general questions here.

What kind of cable do I need?
    This depends upon your phone. Some phones require an MHL adapter (which may also require an additional power supply), others a SlimpPort cable, or even simply an HDMI cable. You need to know how your phone outputs audio and video to an external device. Some common phones are listed below:
    • The Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 require a 5-to-11-pin adapter if you do not use the official 11-pin MHL adapter from Samsung (Note: buy the adapters from Samsung's site only to avoid getting a counterfeit!). It is recommended to use the official 11-pin adapter.
    • The Google Nexus 4 requires a SlimPort cable.
    • Some devices like Xperia Arc already have a micro HDMI output so you just need a basic cable with micro HDMI plug on one end.

Should I use an external USB power supply or may I use the SPH-DA100 USB power that is accessed via the included iPhone cable?
    Using the iPhone cable for USB is the simplest solution, but the power output is limited to 500mA (USB standard for a data connection), and that is enough for powering the MHL adapter but may not be enough to prevent the phone form discharging when connected to the HU via ARL. You will also lose the ability to connect iPhones and iPods to the head unit as an alternative source.

What does ARL provide compare to official Pioneer application?
    The official Pioneer AppRadio application only allows use of select applications on the phone from the HU screen.
    ARL provides full control your Android phone from your Pioneer AppRadio 2. Whatever the application running in the foreground, it takes away the limitations of the AppRadio software and allows you to enjoy the freedom of using your AppRadio 2 just as if it were your phone.

I can't get the touchscreen function working fine. I get a pointing finger with a red "x" on the upper right of the screen whenever I touch the head unit screen.
    Test for compatibility as noted above first, and make sure the minimum requirements are met. ARL must be granted root access in addition to the phone being rooted. Make sure that the phone is selected by the head unit under the Bluetooth menu.
    If it's still not working use the "Rebuild driver" feature and force "Calibration" again

Do I need a hand brake bypass?
    ARLiberator negates the need to use a brake bypass. If ARLiberator is connected the parking brake is irrelevant to the operation of the AppRadio.

If I get a new phone will I need to buy ARLiberator again?
    Buying ARLiberator lets you install it on all the devices you own and any devices you own in the future. You just need to have your Google account on the device. You will receive all future updates for free.

My phone won't charge when connected to the head unit via ARL.
    Make sure options on your phone are set to reduce power consumption as much as possible:
    • Disable phone GPS! Pioneer provides an external antenna and can be used for application and GPS positioning.
    • Screen Standby # Root is a tool that can be used to dim your screen while you use an external display, saving the power required to run the phone screen (which you aren't using when connected to the head unit). This option does not work for all phones.
    • Using an external USB adapter (1A or more), in addition to a modified kernel that allows for "fast charge", will help charge the phone at a faster rate despite the presence of a data connection (which limits current to 500mA). This is a potentially dangerous change to USB standards, so use at your own risk! An example of a kernel capable of fast charge is the Franco Kernel.
      A compatible fast charge kernel is not available for all phones.

My image cuts in and out, and/or I get snow.
  • Test your phone on a TV to see if the issue happens with another HDMI cable.
  • Wiggle the connection to your phone to see if the problem is caused by a loose USB port connection. If this is the case you may want to clean your USB port using a needle. Lint can accumulate inside of it from putting your phone in your pocket. Simply use a needle to scrape the lint out without damaging your phone.
  • You may want to look at how your phone is positioned. The orientation of the phone and the direction that stress is placed on the cable can affect the tightness of the connection.
  • You may want to try other MHL connectors.

Why won't Google navigation use the AppRadio's GPS?
  • Google navigation has no problem using the AppRadio's GPS. It just asks for the phone's GPS to be turned on when it starts up. You can slide down the notification bar and disable the GPS once Google Navigation is running.
  • You can see the output of the AppRadio's GPS by clicking the world icon inside ARLiberator.
  • You can see how many GPS satellites are connected in the AppRadio's settings.

Can I use DTMF while in a phone call?
    The built in Pioneer interface for a phone call, which takes over when a call is in progress, doesn't permit such a feature. You may still use the keypad on the phone itself, however.

Can I use the USB port (on the included iPhone cable) to connect an external hard drive or USB thumb drive/stick?
    This USB port can only be used for powering a device or for updating firmware (with a USB stick). Pioneer's AppRadio 2 firmware does not allow for management of external mass storage devices.

What's the lastest firmware version?
    The most recent update from Pioneer is v8.17 and is available from Pioneer's Website. For updating your device, refer to the Pioneer guide.

Can I modify the HU interface?
    Such change requires the firmware to be replaced. Actually only official Pioneer firmware is available, there is no way yet the GUI can be changed/modded.

I have black bars on both sides of the screen.
    The head unit scales the image to keep the same aspect ratio as your device, so if your aspect ratio is not similar to that of the head unit, you may see black bars (unused screen space) on the head unit.

What's the initial connection sequence/initial setup procedure needed to get ARL working?
    This is only for the very first time you use ARLiberator.
  1. Plug in all necessary cables, adapters, and power supplies.
  2. Start the car and open ARLiberator.
  3. Press "OK" to the on-screen safety prompt at startup.
  4. Establish the BT pairing between the phone.
  5. Force BT connection using the HU from the Bluetooth menu, and accept any pairing requests on the phone.
  6. Wait for BT alert (the request to share contacts), approve the exchange, and be sure to select the "always allow" checkbox or you will have to delete the Bluetooth connection from both the phone and the head unit and repeat this procedure from the Step 3. Be prompt with approval as it can cause the connection to break. If the connection is broken, delete the Bluetooth connection from both the phone and the head unit and repeat this procedure from the Step 3.
  7. Complete the initial calibration (this should not be required after the first time).
  8. Use the head unit as though it were your phone!

What's the connection sequence needed to get ARL working after initial setup?
  • Simply plug in your phone and let everything connect automaticly.
    It should be this easy:

  • If it does not connect right away there are a few things you can do.
    • Pair your phone. With the parking brake engaged, go into advanced app mode and tap the screen so it shows a red X in the corner. This triggers the AppRadio to look for ARLiberator and it will connect. The server must be started in ARLiberator. If it has not started automaticly, tap the bluetooth icon and click start server in ARLiberator.
    • You can uncheck and check your phone in the AppRadio's device list. This causes it to go through the connection process again. Just make sure ARLiberator has it's server started and everything should connect.

Can I listen to another source while showing the phone screen ?
    Yes. Simply double tap on the HU home button. This brings up the "mix menu," from which you can select the audio input to which you want to listen. This works with both the radio and an iProduct. From this pop up menu you can also start and stop play, skip tracks, mute the volume, and turn off the head unit display.

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Why does the Android button remains grayed and ARL can't connect anymore ?
  • This means your phone is not outputting HDMI for some reason. It could be a loose connection. Some phones appear to have issues where the driver handling the HDMI output will stop running. In this case a reboot will cure it.
  • If this is happening after a firmware update it is caused by a setting that needs to be changed. Starting from firmware v8.30 Pioneer added support for iPhone 5 and changed the default connect method for devices.

    Warning 8.30 is buggy and broke sound from HDMI with at least Android devices !!!! Read here for fix

    Anyway, if you still want to use firmware 8.30, you need to to toggle back and forth between "iPhone Digital AV" for iPhone5 and "Others" for Android, iPhone4 and iPhone 4S.

    Option is in settings on the AR2 and is called "App Connection Settings" (only in v8.30)

    In order to change the settings you must do the following:
    • Device must me paired via Bluetooth before you begin that's important because you will not be able to select/change this setting as it is grayed out unless you follow this exactly.
    • Disconnect cable from the device
    • Turn your devices Bluetooth off
    • Select source off
    This will now allow you to change the connection settings from "iPhone Digital AV" (the default in v8.30) to "Others".
    Once the Connection type is changed, ARliberator will work again. Also the iPod icon will work again with an old 30pin iPod again.

The landscape home screen is chopped at the top and bottom of the screen
    Use NOVA launcher or launchers alike. not all the launchers (ex the stock one) knows how to resize correctly the screen at landscape.

I have the Pioneer AVH-X8550BT and it seems like it can't get any GPS signal
    Since the 8550 have no internal GPS, you have to disable Mock locations in order for the 8550 to use the phone's GPS.

I have a Samsung Device running 4.4.x and still can't use touch despite being rooted
  • Samsung have introduced what they call a security enhancement called Knox which stops the touch driver creation. Details can be found at
  • One method to disable Knox (but will need to be done at every reboot) is
  • Anther method to disable Knox is to replace the kernel with a custom one which has SELinux in permissive mode. Be warned, some do not support HDMI, and many don't support AllShare. Sou you will need to find one that matches your phone, carrier and has the features you require.

I've read the FAQ and did found any solution to my problem?

History :
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01/23/2013 : Remarks about red hand..
02/03/2013 : Stargate125645's suggestions and fixes. Thanks !
02/26/2013 : Darkside's workaround for firmware 8.30 not allowing ARL working anymore. Thanks !
04/06/2013 : Revised the FAQ to be current and added additional info
04/11/2013 : Split in 2 parts (message size limit reached), added fix for buggy firmware and troubleshooting database. Thanks to ax_foley and zr2ee
08/08/2013 : Nahum's suggestions and fixes. Thanks !
04/20/2014: 400IXL added details about Samsung's Knox

Did you read the FAQ ? Here
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